8GB 7 Inch eBook Reader, Innovation Changes Life

As we know, reading for a long time, it will cause our eyes feel tired, even damage lead to myopia. For this problem, 8GB 7 Inch eBook Reader adopt the latest Samsung Real Color Eyes Protecting screen, the resolution of this 7 inch screen is up to 800*480, the color reproduction is clear. The CPAPER technology makes the screen looks barely close to paper, protecting your eyes carefully. It supports JPG, BMP, GIF and other format of the image browsing, the image quality is clear and soft, to share the perfect gallery easily.

8GB 7 Inch eBook Reader is a kind of multi-functions ebook that with an elegant, compact appearance and set reading, watching video, listening music and recording in one. It built in 2GB internal storage, and can extend sd card, it can accommodate storage thousands books in it, is the equal to a carry-on library, convenience you to read at any time. In the other side, it is also a full format ebook reader, supports TXT,PDF,HTML,FB2,PDB,EPUB,MOBI,RTF and other formats, the PDF rearrangement function makes your reading more smooth and more comfortable.

Sometimes we will save some bookmarks for convenience when we use computer, however, 8GB 7 Inch eBook Reader also has this function, this high sensitive smart bookmark function can easy and correct to save bookmark rapidly, also can choose the automatic browsing mode according to the personal reading habits for reading.

8GB 7 Inch eBook ReaderPerhaps you will feel tired after yo read for a long time, there is an intimate function of 8GB 7 Inch eBook Reader can ease you. It owns the most powerful audio analytical ability, supports APE music as well as CD. You also can set the background music, reading and listening, if you were in a cafe, how enjoy you are! In addition, thanks for the latest hardware decode chip from Rock Chip, 8GB 7 Inch eBook Reader is able to plays AVI, RM, RMVB, DAT, MP4, 3GP and other 720p videos smoothly and without any pause. Then you can enjoy high definition movies in the relaxing time.

The traditional 7 inch digital photo frame only can place at home and keep charging, can not be carry out, on the contrary, 8GB 7 Inch eBook Reader is totally different, you can view photos at any time and play the videos and photos which in the phone RF card directly. Also, this ebook reader using the highest sensitive stereo microphone, to record the surrounding things easily.

8GB 7 Inch eBook Reader has an outstanding designs, also can be an ideal gift for friends. Its small and portable body convenience you to take it anywhere, also can be place on the desk or decorate your room, that is absolutely can add more fun for your life.

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