5 Pcs MT3 Atomizer Coil: provide you longer using time and more fun of smoking

MT3 Atomizer CoilAs we all know, generally, the service lives of atomizer coils are not very long. The length of service life depends on the frequency and the intensity of use. In a word, it depends on the way you use it. For example, the service life with use of 5 hours a day and that with the use of 2 hours a day will definitely be different. That’s why some people can use a coil for more than half of year while another people just can keep it for less than one month. To save money and time, it is quite important to know how to expand the service lives.

MT3 Atomizer Coil(1)The key to expanding the service lives is to not let the coil overheat without any rest. That is to say, you should probably develop a good smoking habit. For instant, you can rest after a whiff or two, then you can keep using the coil for longer time. On the contrary, if you pull at E-cigarette without any drifting off, then soon you can consider buy a new one to replace. To protect your coil, you had better not to keep pressing the on-off for more than 3 seconds.

The average service life of atomizer coil is about 3 months. If you consider using E-cigarettes for long time, you can check these MT3 Atomizer Coils out. The whole set is consist of 5 atomizer coil, thus you can save lots of trouble from buying another one and enjoy longer using time. What’s more, these coils have replaceable bottoms. For users with low budget, they can replace the heating fuse by themselves without having to replace the whole atomizer coil. This kind of atomizer can be used for H2, MT3. mini protank, protank.

Have fun smoking with these MT3 Atomizer Coils!

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