5 Compelling Reasons Why You Have To Install IP Cameras in Your Home.

As new technology gravitates from analog to digital transmission, surveillance systems are no exceptions. Due to its enhanced capabilities, (Internet protocol) IP surveillance is slowly phasing out analog CCTV systems. Video surveillance systems in private homes and commercial installations are increasingly becoming IP-based. IP cameras in the new surveillance systems are getting smarter, clearer, faster, and more convenient. Earlier this year, top manufacturers like Sony, Nikon, Foxconn, Scenera, Wistron, and Semiconductor Solutions Corporation partnered to form the Network of Intelligent Camera Ecosystem (NICE) with an aim to accelerate the IQ of smart cameras in security systems.

ip camera

Why is everyone raving about smart IP cameras in home security infrastructure? The ip camera has better image resolution with some high-end ones even having UHD resolutions. Better images in your security footage is a welcome enhancement if you take your home security seriously. For instance, a smart Xiaomi xiaofang IP Camera boasts a 1080p resolution which is a massive upgrade on the grainy analog cameras of yesteryears.


IP cameras are also easier to install in your home. Analog systems use an extensive network of cables which can be confusing and space-consuming. Since smart IP cameras utilize wireless communication, they spare you the headache of cable management. IP cameras utilize a network that can work with a Wi-Fi network. An inherent advantage of such a network is that you can add more cameras to the system. In older systems, the number of DVR ports imposed constraints on the number of cameras possible. If you want to monitor more rooms in the house, it is easier with IP cameras.

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Smart IP cameras can be managed remotely. You can connect to your home security network from your workplace via the internet. In most cases, all you need is a smartphone app to view video files of your home. With advanced technologies such as face recognition and motion detection now realizable with smart IP cameras, you can have the home security system alert you when someone breaks into your house.


IP cameras can record footage and upload it to a cloud. Cloud services are convenient and safer than tape recorders if you ever need to provide video footage as evidence.

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If you have not yet bought into the whole idea of smart IP cameras, consider the Xiaomi xiaofang IP Camera:

  • It has a 1080p resolution
  • Small size. It is portable
  • A digital zoom feature, day and night auto switch whereby it has LEDs for enhanced night vision
  • Smoke, sound, and motion detection
  • A magnetic strip to easily mount on any metallic surface
  • Two-way audio capabilities. You can talk to your family members about the camera!
  • An app on Google Play Store and Apple store.


If you consider the numerous benefits, these smart security solutions are not expensive. An IP camera is optimized for comfort and convenience. Have you installed or encountered a home surveillance system that utilized IP cameras? If you have, share your experiences in the comments section.



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