4GB 7 Inch eBook Reader With TTS Reading Function

4GB 7 Inch eBook Reader has a pure white body, appearance made by plastic material, very convenience for carry out. Using a 7 inch screen as the display screen, the resolution is reach to 480*800, even it is not a touch screen, but this size also make the reader looks unusual. The design of menu is as well as a note book, according to the navigation key, you can choose the tags at the right side. Because the 7 inch screen is not supports to touch, perhaps users would feel inconvenience at the beginning, but will be used to quickly. You can see the main functions on the interface, including ebook, music, video, image, recording and calendar. The whole design of 4GB 7 Inch eBook Reader is thin and light, can be put into the coat pocket, facility for reading anywhere and anytime. The streamline design at side is simple but dignity.

In the aspect of ebook, 4GB 7 Inch eBook Reader is support various of document formants, including TXT, FB2, PDF, PDB, EPUB, SKT, HTML and so on. It is pretty well in the process of viewing text content, also in display comics. With a great compatibility at EPUB and PDF comics format.

4GB 7 Inch eBook ReaderIn the term of playing music also not bad. Expect to support common MP3 music, 4GB 7 Inch eBook Reader also supports APE and FLAC format. About video, supports MKV, AVI, RM, RMVB, VOB, DAT, MP4, FLV, 3GP and other 720P high definition videos. For play is very smoothly and without pause. But you need to keep look straight when you watching, or the screen will become nigrescence at the small angle. But this characteristic can be anti-gl function, it will have some effect in metro or other public places.

The reading function of 4GB 7 Inch eBook Reader absolutely had been enhance, this function is equally match tablet reader, but it will be easier to operating, combine the 7 inch big screen, it is definitely the best equipment for reading. This ebook reader had added TTS reading function, it is the function strange in previous products. This function can clear to read novels and TXT documents by English, Chinese and Cantonese. You can use it to listening novels, or understanding help and remember, even study English also useful.

4GB 7 Inch eBook Reader with complete functions and has brings an outstanding performance in reading, own a good reputation in users.

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