4GB 7 Inch Ebook Reader With Multi Functions

4GB 7 Inch Ebook Reader is pure white body design, the overall use plastic material, so it is easy to carry. This on the screen using a piece of 7 inch screen, 480 x 800 resolution though not touch screen, but the size see ebook also feel well. At the bottom of the screen have numeric keys, the blank space key, rotating screen keys, play/pause key, amplify key as well as the return key. On the right side is a five-dimensional navigation keys, you know this ebook does not have touch function, so most of the action is need a keyboard.

4GB 7 Inch Ebook Reader uses the latest ultra-thin true color booking LCD screen, 7 inches of the highest resolution is 800 * 480 resolution, image restoration is clear, and there are 8 gray-scale. Let your eyes even in a long time to read the text still feel comfortable. And the background color, font color, brightness, font size can be adjusted to meet different hobbies.

4GB 7 Inch Ebook Reader4GB 7 Inch Ebook Reader uses the latest generation of E200 master control chip, has a full 1080 p hd broadcast ability, compatible with popular network of 1080 p / 720 p hd video format and the movie video coding, the vast majority can play directly, without any conversion, excellent compatibility. Had significantly lower power consumption than the SAN chip at the same time, more to save electricity, let hd broadcast life more durable. 4GB 7 Inch Ebook Reader significantly enhanced ebook reading function, have digital bookmarks, jump page, rotating, automatic adjustment, TTS and font play, sliding pages to read a variety of functions, their reading ability and the tablet or e-book reader, but more simple and easy to use, in combination with 7 inch high clearly the screen, is a good equipment to read electronic books.

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