3mm ABS Filament Is The 3D Printing Material With The Best Forming Effect

3mm ABS Filament is the desktop 3 d printing industry one of the most widely used material, has excellent impact resistance, heat resistance, chemical resistance and excellent electrical properties. Appearance of the material is not transparent, is light ivory, non-toxic, tasteless, the characteristics of both tough, hard, just slow combustion, flame yellow, have black smoke, plastic softening after burning, burning, issued a special cinnamon smell, but no molten dripping phenomenon. At the same time easy to painting, coloring, also can undertake surface spraying, electroplating, metal welding, hot pressing and adhesion and other secondary processing.

Compare with other materials, 3mm ABS Filament has better comprehensive performance, high impact strength, chemical stability, good performance. can excellent welding 372 organic glass, make double color plastic parts, and can be chrome plated surface, spray paint processing. Have a high impact, high heat resistance, flame retardant, enhancement, transparency level, etc. Besides, it has good flexibility, in the part of liquidity is not as good as HIPS, but is better than PMMA and PC.3mm ABS Filament

ABS resin production is the largest, the most widely used polymer, it will be PS, SAN, the properties of the BS organically unify, both tough and hard, just good mechanics performance of phase equilibrium. 3mm ABS Filament with excellent comprehensive performance, has excellent impact strength, good dimensional stability, chemical resistance, excellent electrical performance, wear resistance, dyeing, processing and machining is better. Of course, it also has its shortcoming, that is low heat distortion temperature, flammable, poor weather resistance.

3D printing to the ABS material have higher requirements, common ABS material for melting solidification time, forming the conditions needed for different reasons, cannot achieve good molding effect, so that some consumers mistakenly believe that the decisive factors in forming effect is that the stand or fall of the printer. So, The importance of material selection is particularly important in the process of 3D printing, choose a good and stable material, can let ordinary printer can also have the opportunity to print out the effect of the professional level.

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