3D Printers, An Introduction To The Third industrial revolution

The world is changing and that is happening so fast. Technology is taking over and this could be the introduction to the third industrial revolution. We will be soon done with the old ways of doing things and this will happen only if we take charge and appreciate the modern technology. 3d printing is the next big thing, and just as computers are household items, 3d printers will too be in every home. The rate at which 3d printing has developed is overwhelming. Many people are appreciating the technology and soon will be owning the printers at home for DIY and even schools will begin having lessons and training on 3d printing.


Choosing a quality 3d printer shouldn’t be a hard task if you know your needs. Budget, size of prints you need to make, the experience you have, and materials you need to print are some of the things you need to put under consideration when making your choice. When picking a 3d printer kit, you need to ensure that it gives the desired print quality. For maximum performance, you need to consider the following.

3d printer kit

Ease of use

A 3d printer kit is easy to use, it only requires some training and practice for you to get your desired results. You may need to have some training on the software you will be working with. Most of the high-end printers are automated therefore they won’t require much work. Low-end printers have features that require manual calibration for them to function.

3d printer kit

Safety of the 3D printer

When working with 3d printers there is high-temperature involvement and therefore you need to be safe. An enclosed printer will be advised when working with children or in schools. Safety is a measure you should consider since you do not want accidents when working.

3d printer kit

Type of printing Filaments

To ensure maximum performance you should consider a printer that works with all the materials, in this case, one that works with metal and wood should be considered. However, most 3d printers will only work with APA and PLA filaments. This will only use plastic and other synthetic fibers.

3d printer kit


A 3d printer is an industrial machine. Therefore, technical support should be easily accessed in case of anything. This is to ensure that all the things that put a 3d printing machine in working order can be accessed whenever needed. This support can be found in tutorials and training from the manufacturing companies.


3d printing is fun. These printers use special user-friendly interfaces that make them easy to use. Whether an individual or a company, these printers are highly beneficial since they are cheap and reduce costs of operations compared to the traditional methods. As a company, you will be able to mitigate risk and verify designs before heavily investing in it. Ideas and creativity will come up as one continues to use 3d printers.


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