3D Printer Nozzle Is An Amazing Toothpaste Tube

3D printer nozzleSpeak of the principle of 3D printing, in fact is not complicated, its operation principle and the working principle of the traditional printer basic same, also with a bit nozzle “grinding”. 3D printing its spray instead of ink, but “” print materials such as liquid or powder, using light curing and paper laminated device such as a technology of rapid prototyping. Through computer control “printed materials”, one layer upon layer overlay, the blueprint of computer has finally become real. So, we can put the commonly used “deposition forming” compared to “squeezing toothpaste”–the toothpaste tube is like the 3D printer nozzle, the toothpaste is like the printing raw material, raw material after melting inside the nozzle, the last deposit into a thin layer of plastic fiber formation.

3D printer nozzle built in high temperature teflon, materials enter the entrance to the nozzle, automatic extrusion in the middle, feed seeker, the material into the tube, there will not be a difficult problem. External expensive imported PEEK material,Resistance to high temperature deformation, heat dissipation design, unique design of ventilation fast heat dissipation, of course, fast.

3D printers do is, in short, “additive”, put a layer of a layer stack together to form the finished product, and the traditional mould manufacturing is the carving technique, on a single piece of material, the parts you don’t need the final shape. Nozzle decides the fluency of the silk and the silk round degrees, the lining of the smooth fluency, the better, more rounded out the nozzle mouth without burr formation silk, create DE nozzle wall through mirror processing, nozzle slips of the tongue burr five flaws, thus reducing plug phenomenon, improve the quality of printing, smoothness is better. To choose a good quality 3D printer nozzle, to printing the more sophisticated products.

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