9 Methods to Help You Relieve the Stress

Learn some tips to reduce the pressure can not only let you relax yourself, but also keep your cortisol levels stay in normal. If you waste a little time to reduce the pressure every day, you’ll find that you’ll feel better with the narrowing of the waistline and your memory ability will be improved.

Here are 9 simple ways to help you reduce the pressure:

  1. Take a deep breath. When you inhale and silently count to 8 in the meantime, please keep your breath for 1 to 2 seconds after it, and then slowly exhale at the same time to 8. You can repeat it for several times. This simple way can not only improve your energy, your memory ability, and your pressure can be controlled effectively.
  2. Do stretching exercises and practice stance. Both of them can help you relieve the pain and stress, relax muscles and give you energy. You can try to turn your head from left to right, bend your waist to touch your toes or both hands cling to your body. Except the above stretching exercises, there’re some standing postures as well, such as stand straight, abdomen, and two shoulders against the wall.
  3. Have a cup of hot tea. As far as I’m concerned, I consider that there are no more comfortable things than drinking a hot tea and sit lazily on the sofa. Green tea contains an amino acid, which can allow your brain to relax and let you calm down when you face the pressure. If you think the tea is too hot on summer, you can add some ice to make it into iced tea.
  4. Aroma therapy. You can light up a candle or use the Flower USB Humidifier.. Lavender had been verified that it have the function to relieve mental stress caused by cardiovascular discomfort. If you are the one who eat frankly when facing the pressure, you can try to smell the candles with your left nostrils, because this side is responded to the brain which controls the emotion that can help you relieve your anxiety and tension.USB
  5. Turn off all the electronic products before you go to bed. You need to sort out your thoughts before falling asleep. It may be the most difficult way among these methods. Adequate sleep (usually 7-8 hours) can make you free from the pressure. The sleeping environment is important as well, so please turn off the television, computer and your mobile phone before going to bed.
  6. Buy a sound relax machine. Are you unable to sleep because the sound of the ear at night? Maybe “white noise” can solve your problem. Sometimes the key to falling asleep is to kill even the faint and weak voice. Many sleep noise machines on the market now have the function of soothing sounds, such as waves or rain. These voices help many people who are hard to sleep. But if you do not want to buy this machine, earplugs are also a good choice.sound
  7. Wear the eyepatch. Except the voice make you can’t fall asleep, a lot of people choose the eyepatch to help them sleep faster.
  8. To develop good habits of bedtime. The good habits of the bedtime will tell your body to calm down and prepare to go to sleep. Folding the clothes, reading a chapter in a book or have the body lotion are all the good habits before go to bed.
  9. Play with Ecubee hand spinner. The hand spinner is small, simple, fun, small to carry and effective for focusing on and thinking deeply. Use the Fidget Spinner can help you reduce stress, anxiety and symptoms associated with ADD/ADHD, Autism, nail biting, hair twirling and leg bouncing.spinner

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