22 in 1 Nanch screwdriver set, easy and convenient in repairing

Sometimes, we need to repair something by ourselves, so the simple but common tools are necessary and screwdriver is one of the items. Today, I would like to introduce you a repair item – 22 in 1 Nanch screwdriver set, which is easy operation and convenient in use. Then, let me introduce you some detailed information about it.
22 in 1 Nanch screwdriver setThis practical 22 in 1 Nanch screwdriver set is ideal for hobbyists, modelers, and even average home owners. It is composed with one fine aluminum screwdriver handle and other 21 different size changeable bits. All of these are placed in a compact ABS case that portable for you to store. The screwdriver handle has a length of 116mm and all of the bits has 45mm long, offering you a wide range in use and it is easy for you to remove the deep hole screw.
22 in 1 Nanch screwdriver setIn terms of the advantages of screwdriver handle, it is an anti-slip telescopic ratcheting screwdriver with rotatable-head design provides precise turning and control with fingertip. Besides, with some of the keyless chunk design, you can reach longer range.
22 in 1 Nanch screwdriver setIn concluded, 22 in 1 Nanch screwdriver set is a practical and portable item that helpful in daily repair. On my opinion, it is a necessary item for you and you can use it to do the common repairing.

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