11 in 1 Multifunction Pliers Knife Tools, The Most Powerful And Helpful Tool Ever Review

Multifunction Pliers Knife ToolsDesign:
The dual fish design makes this Multifunction Pliers Knife Tools really unique, which reminds me of the “渔鱼得水”, a propitious term people often say to each other in Chinese Lunar New year, to wish other people can get likeminded people and advantageous environment like fish get water. For me, this multi-functional tool has a strong sense of Chinese traditional culture.

The intelligent design makes Multifunction Pliers Knife Tools a combination of 11 different kinds of tool, allowing owners to use it for multiple purposes and take on any kind of task. The combination includes a bottle opener, a big straight driver, fish wire cutter, awl, fish scale knife, a pair of long nose pliers, a pair of lead weight pliers, saw, tin opener, small straight driver, cross driver, and a knife, and hard wire cutter. You may wonder, why Multifunction Pliers Knife Tools turns out to have 13 tools? Haha, actually, bottle opener and big straight driver are combined in one part, and so do tin opener and small straight driver, which makes this multi-functional tool more compact and light.Multifunction Pliers Knife Tools

This gadget almost carries all the tools yo will ever need in your daily life, especially during fishing. Bringing this combination to a picnic, the small knife helps you cut meat. Taking it to a party, the opener opens the beers for you. If you want to get rid of a nail on your wall, use this tool to yank it out.

Multifunction Pliers Knife Tools is one tool for almost all occasions. If you buy these eleven tools separately, they are going to take up a huge space and cost you a fortune. You can’t carry all of them around, so you won’t be able to use them at times when they are most needed. Multifunction Pliers Knife Tools is light and portable. Put it into your pocket as you go, and you can use them whenever you want to. It is truly an efficient tool that solves all your problems. It symbolizes the power of getting things done.Multifunction Pliers Knife Tools

Mini Pliers Tools Specs:

Size : 12.5cm closed, 20cm extend
Material : 420H steel
Hardness : 50 to 52 HRC
Packing: Nylon pouch

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